Tips for Making Your Resolutions Stick

January 13, 2017

Did you know that only about 15% of people keep their New Year's resolutions? With such a high failure rate, you may feel like your New Year's resolutions are doomed from the start. That's not necessarily true, though! Use these simple tips for making your resolutions stick and you may be one of the few New Year's success stories.

  • Create a strategy. While you may feel motivated to stick to your resolutions in the first month, after a while, you're sure to face a few days when your resolution feels more difficult. That's why you'll want to create a strategy or a schedule to act a safety net and keep you on track.
  • Hold yourself accountable. It's easy for people to break their resolutions if they think that no one will know. To hold yourself accountable for meeting your resolutions, tell a trusted friend or family member about your goals. With someone else involved, you'll feel less able to skip out on your goal.
  • Keep a journal. It's important to keep track of what works and what doesn't when you're trying to achieve a resolution. By writing a short journal entry every day (or even every week), you can check up on your progress throughout the year.
  • Create a shorter timeline. While a whole year may seem endless, a month is far less intimidating. Celebrate keeping your resolution at the end of each month with a small treat, and then start fresh at the beginning of the new month.
  • Focus on your enjoyment. No matter what your resolution may be, you're sure to see signs of enjoyment while you work toward meeting your goal. If you made a commitment to get fit, for example, you may notice that you start to have more energy or that your pants feel a bit loose. Focus on these positive aspects and your resolution is sure to get easier!
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