Roll Up Your Sleeves, Norfolk Crossing Residents! Volunteer for the Virginia Waterway Cleanup!

October 13, 2014 2:01 pm

If Virginia's waterways aren't important to you, they should be! These vital tributaries affect everything from your drinking water to the quality of the fish you eat. Consider volunteering for the Virginia Waterway Cleanup 2014. Part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup, this annual community service event has enlisted more than 68,000 Virginians so far in the name of clean water. These initiatives not only remove pollution from the waterways, but they also help the state of Virginia to collect data about what types of trash and litter end up as pollution.

Cleanup sites are held at different times and locations all over Virginia, so be sure to check the website for the site nearest Norfolk Crossing. With so many locations, it's easy to get involved to help make Virginia a better place!

Virginia Waterway Cleanup
Dates and times throughout October
Check website for locations

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Weekend Fun

October 11, 2014 8:01 am

Weekend Fun

Happy Saturday! Take some time out today to enjoy your family. Maybe the kiddos are inviting friends over; maybe you can invite your neighbors over and just enjoy life. Try out this delicious apple craft that will surely keep everybody busy and happy. Post a picture of your final product, why dontcha?!

Food. Fun. Family. That’s what it is all about, right?

Warm and Delicious Regards,


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Fall in Love with Fall Baking

October 7, 2014 10:28 am

Fall in Love with Fall Baking


Wait, is it Fall yet? The warm afternoons have me confused. I love the crisp and cool fall mornings, but by mid-day, the temperature turns up. So since the mornings have fall-like weather, let’s stay there!

Breakfast can always start the day off right. But if you are like me, you’re thinking, “I don’t have the time to prepare breakfast!” Well, you can make something the night before or even Sunday afternoon to prepare for the week. So when we do have a fall morning you are prepared. Slice and warm up a piece of bread or indulge in a muffin and top it with a teaspoon (or however much you please, I won’t judge you) of butter to melt over it. That will definitely start your day off right. I am sure the family will love you forever!

Try out some of these baked goods:

Apple Muffins with Caramel Frosting

Cinnamon Streusel Quick Bread

Fall Harvest Muffins- This has to be healthy, right?!

Pumpkin Pecan Crunch Muffins

Chocoholic Muffins- I.LOVE.CHOCOLATE. YUM!

Do you have a favorite bread or muffin recipe? Share!

Warm and Delicious Regards,


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